hope unscripted

Questions welcome. Email Hope@ethosradio.com. Mary O’Brien will pose listener questions to Tina Dozer and as the title implies, Tina will attempt to provide hope and direction in a totally “unscripted” format.  Tina and Mary are no strangers to this approach as they have provided similar formats through their in-person seminars.  The anonymous atmosphere has proven to offer the richest, deepest questions that not only serve the one questioning but so many carrying similar burdens.  

Tina and Mary come to the table with a wealth of experience in the realm of emotional and spiritual suffering and healing. Each with their own unique story of overcoming coupled with decades of caring for others in similar spaces. Tina offers over three decades of experience in the counseling office as well as the poverty-ridden streets of central Ohio. Mary has over 15 years in the radio industry listening and caring for the public through her station and through community outreach. Both come with genuine desire to offer hope to those struggling with spoken and unspoken issues in a format of anonymity.

We invite you to join us as we attempt to offer hope and insight in these uncertain and anxiety-ridden times.